October 13, 202

10.00 – 13.00
Open Zoom Session for Presentation Testing


October 14, 2021


9.00 –  9.30
Opening Ceremony

9.30 – 10.00
Opening Keynote Speech
Marcin Jankowski
Multi-objective approach for design optimization of low and medium-temperature power generation systems

10:00 – 11:40
Session 1: Fuel Conversion

11.40 – 11.55

11.55 – 12.25
Keynote Speech
Andrius Garbaras
Applications of isotopic techniques for environmental research

12.25 – 14.25
Session 2: Pollution Control and Automation I


October 15, 2021


9.00 –  9.10
Opening day 2

9.10 – 10.30
Session 3: Pollution Control and Automation II

10.30 – 10.45

10:45 – 11:15
Keynote Speech
Nediljka Vukojević Medvidović
Treatment of municipal wastewater by electrocoagulation and natural zeolite – influence of initial pH values

11.15 – 12.55
Session 4: Waste Management

12.55 – 13.10

13.10 – 13.40
Keynote Speech
Alessandro Mauro
Geothermal energy: an effective low-carbon solution for indoor heating and cooling

13.40 – 15.40
Session 5: Cogeneration and Renewables

15.40 – 16.00
Conference end



Session 1: Fuel Conversion
October 14, 10.00 – 11.40

Chairman: Małgorzata Wilk

Klaudia Czerwińska, Maciej Śliz, Małgorzata Wilk
Hydrothermal carbonization converting sewage sludge into carbonaceous biofuel

Małgorzata Gierek, Janusz Gołaś, Katarzyna Szramowiat-Sala
Storage of hydrogen and/or biogas with hydrogen in Underground Gas Storages (UGS) -benefits and threats, periodic monitoring using the developed trap method

Michal A. Kumor, Stanisław Porada
The impact of Covid-19 on natural gas demand and security of supply in Poland

Alicja A. Łazaj, Edyta Sierka
The energy potential of biomass of post-mining spoil heaps (South Poland)

Grzegorz Czerski, Piotr Soprych, Katarzyna Śpiewak
Influence of various amounts of sunflower husk ash on tire char gasification


Session 2: Pollution Control and Automation I
October 14, 12.25 – 14.25

Chairman: Mateusz Karczewski

Natasza Rutkiewicz, Mariusz Macherzyński, Sylwia Turniak-Kwarciak, Andrzej Kalina
Fuel vapor canister as an environmentally essential element of gasoline cars

Krzysztof Badyda, Aleksandra Dzido, Piotr Krawczyk, Michalina Kurkus-Gruszecka
The comparative analysis of the short-term liquefied CO2 storage technologies for the purposes of the food industry

Tomasz Gorzelnik, Robert Oleniacz
Air pollution caused by fires at waste storage sites: Analysis of selected episodes in Poland

Laurynas Bučinskas, Žilvinas Ežerinskis, Inga Garbarienė; Justina Šapolaitė
Aerosol source apportionment using stable sulfur and radiocarbon isotope analysis

Jan Kostecki, Kamil Sklorz
Unmanned solar-powered plane – development and applied technologies

Stanisław Budzyń, Tadeusz Dziok, Dorota Makowska, Faustyna Wierońska-Wiśniewska
Mercury removal from flue gases from RDF combustion using tyre char as a sorbent


Session 3: Pollution Control and Automation II
October 15, 9.10 – 10.30

Chairman: Katarzyna Szramowiat-Sala

Martyna Malinowska, Anita U. Lewandowska, Maciej Król, Borys Lange, Michalina Bielawska 
Legitimacy of the SEZO AM optical meter (WiRan) use for the measurements of particulate matter in the atmosphere

Alicja Kowalska-Koczwara, Filip Pachla, Tadeusz Tatara
Environmental Protection Against Vibration in the Context of Human perception of Vibration

Alicja Kowalska-Koczwara, Filip Pachla, Tadeusz Tatara
Influence of railway vibration on building and people

Katarzyna Szramowiat-Sala
Artificial neural networks and machine learning as methods for improved air pollution control


Session 4: Waste Management
October 15, 11.15 – 12.55

Chairman: Katarzyna Grzesik

Katarzyna Grzesik, Karolina Kossakowska, Zbigniew Kowalewski, Ryszard Kozakiewicz
Waste fires – waste of energy, waste of materials

Maciej Śliz, Francesca Tuci, Klaudia Czerwińska, Simone Fabrizi, Aneta Magdziarz, Lidia Lombardi, Małgorzata Wilk
Hydrothermal carbonization of the wet fraction mechanically separated from municipal mixed waste: TGA and FTIR analysis of hydrochars

Joanna Olawińska-Wypych
Chemical mechanism of the formation of chlorine compounds during thermal conversion of plastic waste

Katarzyna Szramowiat-Sala, Wiktor Pacura, Janusz Gołaś
The application of modern materials with sorption and catalytic properties for micro-contaminants removal

Rafał Figaj
Micro-scale biomass-fueled Rankine cycle hybridized with wind and solar energy


Session 5: Cogeneration and Renewables
October 15, 13.40 – 15.40

Chairman: Wojciech Goryl

Krzysztof Sornek, Karolina Papis-Frączek, Maciej Żołądek, Mariusz Filipowicz
Experimental investigation of the Prototypical Micro Scale Linear Concentrating Solar Power Collector with PV Cells

Yacob G. Hiben, Mulu Kahsay, Johan Lauwaert
A review on mathematical modeling and interconnection aspects of key solar thermal system components for industrial heating and cooling processes

Dorota A. Krawczyk, Paulina Zielinko
Technical and economic assessment of selected heating systems for a single-family building based on LCC (Life Cycle Cost)

Karolina Papis-Frączek, Krzysztof Sornek, Mateusz Szubel, Mariusz Filipowicz
Variant Analysis of Receiver Geometries Dedicated to the Parabolic Dish CPVT System

Marek Jaszczur, Sławosz Kleszcz; Bartosz Pawela
An analysis of the periodic counterflow heat exchanger for air-to-air heat recovery ventilators

Marek Jaszczur, Sławosz Kleszcz, Bartosz Pawela
The Development of Gas Engine Driven Heat Pumps